The curious case of 5dimes and its supremacy

Update for US Residents: As of September 2020; 5dimes does not accept players from the United States. We recommend that you instead open an account at, that has been in business for over 20 years; because for all intents and purposes, this sportsbook and casino outshines 5dimes on many counts.

5dimes has suspended its operations in the US and also settled their dispute with the Feds for $46.8 million, according to a report filed by ESPN, clearing the way for them to offer a legal betting discourse for Americans. It may, however, take a while for them to fully setup their offices in the country. Until that happens, you may want to look at alternatives.

5dimes just refuses to die. This bookie has been around since 1996; some say 1998, but I believe it's much older than that, but who really gives a heck about the dates either way. It has seen several US presidents come and go - yet, it's alive and bustling.

Their official website address for PCs is; for smartphones, use their mobile-optimized app at At this time, only these two links should be used. There aren't any mirror or sister sites - as some people call them. Hmm ok, perhaps is an exception, but you really don't need to go there to access 5dimes. If your ISP has blocked them for whatever reason, just Google "VPN account" and purchase one (you'll have to pay about $50 per year). This will give you error-free login access to their website.

This page is about analyzing the workings of this massive sportsbook; but in case, you're just here to find out if 5dimes can be trusted, then it's a resounding YES. Their client base is primarily made up of Americans and for the good part, the Canadians and the Mexicans.

Live-in play, direct real time lines for odds, casino slot spins, bingo, grand poker, lottery, and even horse racing; you name it and they do it.

All the standard blathering aside - especially on the websites one finds on the internet with pages full of "The Best Review Ever 'Placeholder for Random SportsBook, Casino name'..."; the content on this page tries to have a sober overview of this clandestine, yet dominating brand that is primarily hyped around live lines and reduced odd juice (a.k.a vigorish) on American sports.

So, doesn't matter what you're into; Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, or for that matter the UFC), Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS), minor leagues or your seasonal college sports (say football extras?) - 5dimes seems to be the master of it all.

Or, perhaps, you're that speed junkie, who loves fast cars and women (Dan Bilzerian type) and wants to lay it all out on motor racing events like Formula 1 and NASCAR. Let's not leave out games like Darts, Snooker and Volleyball; anyone fond of Rugby Union?

The list is endless. Think of a sports event, and 5Dimes will happily take your bet.

Even sports entertainment like the WWE (WrestleMania, Royal Rumble; and how about the SummerSlam) and Fantasy eSports (say Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Call of Duty) are part of the parcel. Watch out DraftKings and FanDuel; you can't compete with this goliath, even with all your fancy schmancy licenses.

By the way sports futures and prop bets (proposition bet) are their speciality. These two make up to 15% to 20% of the total wagering.

Late William Sean Creighton (also known as Tony) created a powerhouse over 20 years ago. Today, this bookie channels more money through offshore locations (in the millions) than its European cousins like Bet365 and BetFair do in an entire week, combined. For example, it can take a six-figure bet without even blinking an eye.

Thanks to the honorable judges of the US Supreme Court; gambling has now become open for Americans. In the next few years, nearly all the states would probably have their gaming boards in order. After all why not; everyone wants a piece of this monstrous $150 billion a year US sports betting market. The tax man will make big bucks out of this. Everyone will be happy, except perhaps the unlucky person on the losing end (gambler).

But, even with all this new fanfare and media hype, many of the offshore grey market players in the industry like 5dimes are still flourishing. Venture-funded startups like FanDuel and DraftKings, or ESPN's multi-million dollar deals with Caesars Entertainment and the likes; nothing seems to have made a dent, when it comes to the good old "I'll phone my bookie" type of bookmaking.

5dimes has settled with the Feds in the US and will offer legal betting options very soon, but it does not have an operators' license for other countries such as Canada, or elsewhere - it's an offshore sportsbook and casino, and that's how it has been for most of its life, until recently, now that it plans to do the things the right way. But, one should also fathom, that it's been online for so long (well over two decades) that it doesn't even need one to prove its self-worth. Their name alone, is their bond. So, even asking questions like, if they're legit, is really considered idiotic by professional high rolling sharps. You don't have to worry about a thing, is what I'm trying to say.

It's sort of fruitless to search for the combinations of 5dimes vs. nitrogen, bookmaker, mybookie, bovada, heritage, betonline, pinnacle, betdsi and bet365 in Google - if that's how you landed on this page. Oh wait, I nearly forgot about Intertops, which is another mature sportsbook - along with the list of iconic names already mentioned. For example, websites that provide expert datasets on odds, stats and picks like Covers, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Oddsshark, Vegasinsider, Bleacher Report and Sportsline all hold these names in high esteem. (And 5dimes somehow catches the eye of most number of journos.)

Let me be frank; all these brands are solid and in the game, moving tens of millions of dollars in and out of America every month - except for bet365, which does not open accounts directly from the mainland US; but you can play with them, say if you're an American but living in Europe, or any other location, where they aren't so fussy.

The only legal route to a UK brand, that has got the government's stamp of approval to operate in the United States - for New Jersey and its sports betting fanatics only - is William Hill US. I wouldn't even bother going into the details of how pathetic their service is for the land of Queen Elizabeth II, let alone the NJ residents across the Atlantic. There are also names like FOX Bet, BetRivers, SugarHouse, Unibet, PokerStars, PointsBet,, Hollywood Casino and BetMGM for people living in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada, but let's be honest, if you live somewhere in the North American continent, stick with 5dimes, for your own good - that is if you care about your money's worth.

It also doesn't really matter what review you read on all those websites out there. Sportsbook Review forum, is a popular one; for the sake of an example. It is probably linked (in a good comportment) very closely with 5dimes - I'm fairly positive, it's an urban legend, but don't say we didn't tell ya, if it turns out to be true. SBR is a community made up of hundreds of thousands of sports fanatics, and they also corroborate our own findings. Its internal ranking apparatus, called the "Posters' Poll," to all intents and purposes always anoints 5D among the list of most-liked sportsbooks. The bottom line is that, this brand name does maintain a considerable edge over others in the industry, which is why people generally trust them whenever they want to wager large amounts - I mean real big money, like 7 to 8 figures worth, if you get the drift.

Personally, I would be surprised if someone pushed me to believe that, the top business magnates of the world, and famous Hollywood celebrities don't already maintain accounts there.

Read between the lines is what I'm trying to imply.


Staying attached to ethics does have long-term benefits

Anyone visiting the desktop site of 5dimes would be flabbergasted by its old 90s design. It has probably not been overhauled since the early 2000s. But, this hasn't stopped over 1.5 million people from visiting it every month to place wagers worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This proves the fact that complexity doesn't mean the product is good. What the people want are simple solutions to perplexing problems, and not the other way around.

Integrity and honesty to craft is what sets them apart. Being on the fringes of legality; many offshore operators have to honor their commitments through blood and sweat. Their word is their bond.

"I have virtually deposited and taken out hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2006," said a man living in Chicago, who wanted to remain anonymous."Never once had I've ever had any problems."

If you are in the good, and have won fair and square; rest assured you will get paid. In fact, their local regional reps will hand-deliver your winnings whenever humanly possible. There is a famous street story about them, about an MLB bet won worth several hundred thousands returned to the customer in a hotel room in hard cash. Basically, withdrawal is never an issue. If you win, you will get your money, be it in bitcoins or through bank transfers, credit card payments, moneygram, money orders and checks. No one gets shortchanged at 5dimes.

But, there is this thing that every player needs to be aware of. Due to certain internal security policies (I will not get into a debate on what can be done better), they will and do ask for documents like a scanned copy of an ID (driver's license, passport, national ID card etc.); and in many cases, a bank statement. And, that this can happen each and every time, a withdrawal request is made. Your account access may also be temporarily suspended, if your device or IP changes frequently, until someone from their side calls you up on your phone to confirm it's you and not some hacker.

Yes, that's the way it is - even for payments in BTC. I know, I know, you're probably wondering, what the heck; and that other sportsbooks don't do such dramas.

Well, these so-called sportsbooks compensate for this by employing unsportsmanlike conduct such as, but not limited to cancelation of winnings of big amounts, outright closing your profile (in case you hit the jackpot), placing restrictions on how much you can bet, or whatever they can think of to keep you away from your rightful stake. So, yeah, this seesawing that 5d does for simple funds withdrawal can be thorny at times to deal with, but they more than cover the spread, by making sure you get paid, whether you win $1 or $1 million. It's your choice in the end; a bit of hassle versus honest bookmaking.

College students also trust them a lot. Did you know that 75% of college students gambled during the past year (whether legally or illegally) with about 18 percent gambling weekly or more frequently. Lotteries, card games, pools (including raffles charitable small stakes gambling), sports betting and games of skill (e.g., bowling, basketball, pool, golf, backgammon, darts) are the most frequently chosen gambling activities by college students, according to

With this kind of penetration; one can easily grasp 5dimes' stardom level among the masses.

"Tried to win some money betting on a Super Bowl game once; the plan was to clear my credit card bill, using a parlay bet with the blessing of luck on my side," said Jalen Massey studying Sports Management at the University of Michigan. "As it turns out, I lost as I couldn't cover the point spread; being a student, and always short of money, it was a very bad idea, 'What was I thinking?' I said to myself later.

"But, that is a long story. As far as 5dimes is concerned, everything went smoothly. Don't have any complaints. I blame luck, but who doesn't?

"Heck, I even give them a shout-out on sites like Reddit, this and that, if you know what I mean."

Consider this, and then what the typical Russian bookies are doing to destroy the image of this market. Bookies like 1xbet (just read the reviews on Trustpilot) will just steal your wallet in broad daylight, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Secrecy behind the world's biggest sportsbook

The origins of 5dimes (also sometimes written as five dimes) are mostly unknown. Other than the old-school bookies, who may have worked under their network every Tom, Dick and Harry has a story to tell with little or no way to authenticate it. What is definitely known is that its operations were started somewhere in 1996 by an individual by the name of now Late William Sean Creighton or Tony (probably a New Yorker, but it also needs confirmation from a reliable source). And, that he was one of the first ones to introduce computer-based sports betting terminals.

Since, the US government was cracking down on illegal betting activity in NYC; he was forced to relocate to Costa Rica, and this is where this firm has been operating ever since.

The money floats like a boat in a river

The money operations of this bookie are also kept a secret because of the grey listing of the entire operation. What is known is that the money clients deposit and withdraw is moved around from various countries around the world. Few years ago, there was a news story on that their bank accounts at Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) were closed due to wire transfers of over $1.53 Billion Dollars (source of funds couldn't be ascertained). But, this is a common issue for people operating in this space. Bitcoin has solved a major chunk of this problem, and now that the US has legalized sports betting, matters would definitely be moving quickly in the right direction.

Offshore books have to work in unity, and protect each other's interests. Even when they work out of the system, they have to adjust to the new realities and cooperate within their own local network. What this means is that even though bets are placed at 5dimes, many times the risk is passed around to other bookies such as Bovada, BetOnline etc. And, within this network, 5dimes is the biggest of them all. So, if you have an account with Bovada for example, and place a $2 Million Dollar bet on an NFL game; chances are that 5dimes would be at the other end of it.

Just about everybody is accepted, except...

No Brits, French and Americans allowed; but Aussies are cool. What does that mean.

5dimes doesn't usually have problems accepting players from any country. However there are a few restrictions. For some weird reason, customers from Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine are not allowed to register/play with them.

Take it with a grain of salt, and for the sake of a disclaimer; I "could be" totally BSing here (perhaps even am, whatever sue me), but these bans look less likely to be due to the prevention of fraud (French committing online fraud? lol come on); but more to do with the strict enforcement of local gambling regulations, banking (they probably have bank accounts there), and residency of staff (though most of them live in Costa Rica).

Apart from its dominance in the US; 5dimes seems to be making inroads in places like Australia, New Zealand and Poland. These are large gambling markets that this bookie is decidedly concentrating on; even small island dependencies like the Puerto Rico (sports betting is legal there now) are being milked for what they have to offer.

Let's take an example of Australia, where the government is hell-bent on giving both the operators and its residents a tough time; offshore bookmakers like 5dimes can only be expected to fill the gap. So, gambling activities that could otherwise be taxed - much needed with the incessant economic crisis, according to an opinion piece in the Guardian newspaper, titled 'Australia's economy is in the doldrums and infrastructure is failing to prop it up' - will now end up in the bank accounts of foreign sportsbooks.

According to an article written by Steven Stradbrooke for; credit card processing bans, self-exclusion registry, and ultimately blockades at the ISP level, is just the tip of the iceberg. With all this squeezing of human choice and freedoms; why shouldn't 5dimes then become the Iron Man's character of the Avengers, and step up to the plate. The Australian government's "stupid is as stupid does" policies will be captalized full speed ahead. And, no amount of artificial measures can put an end to it.

Crypto wave is making life easier for 5dimes

Bitcoin users have special requirements. Every new user wanting payouts needs to activate a Device-based Authentication Service for his/her PC and smartphone to prevent unauthorized movement of funds. This is good as long as the system doesn't break down, which can happen. They also don't allow third party transfers. Meaning; account created under the name of Joe Black, must have an identity card with the same name. No modifications are allowed once it's done and dusted.

Headaches at the beginning but it's all worth it

Account creation can be very messy if you are not careful. For example, they are very particular about correct phone numbers. You can't use a fake number, else your winning bets may be canceled. Similarly, only one account per household, email address, phone number, device and IP address is allowed. So, in case your wife or live-in girlfriend wants to punt on a game, she'd better use your account or you'll be blocked without prejudice. They're a bit complicated when it comes to initial setup, but for folks following the rules; there shouldn't be any problems at all.

When Tony was alive; he cleaned up 5dimes database of all the accounts that were opened up for line shopping; which basically means, that a bettor sign ups only to view the latest odds, reduced juice to compare it to the other sportsbook, he or she actually has a deposit at. This is unacceptable, as it adds to the network load. So, if you don't plan on depositing money with them, don't start an account, else you'll be suspended.

Old school boys don't like tech that much

5dimes is very uncomfortable with fancy ways of betting. If you or your syndicate is planning to do something high-tech, like open up a sports betting hedge fund; or want to use a custom betting software that places bets automatically; discuss with them first on the phone. Don't move in with large amounts funds without personally talking to them and getting the required approvals from the higher-ups first.

"This is true. Had I known, I would have contacted them first, before starting my account to run a sports arbitrage fund," said Tigran Vardanyan, a sports trader based in Armenia. "They are fine to deal with; but if you do stuff, they don't clearly understand, and I do mean 'clearly,' expect to be blocked."

5dimes also has its Monday blues

Their systems are designed to go down for maintenance on Mondays, between 8AM EST and noon EST during which time grading of bets cannot occur. For wagering clients have to place Rolling if-bets. They do allow a 7 day grace period, if there's a problem with grade/scoring of a bet.

Pay Up Or Shut Up

Negative balances are client's responsibility. So, do not, under any circumstance make bets that you are unable to hold through. If you don't have the money, don't risk it, because you may not be able to make further bets until the amount owed is cleared. Remember that trying to cheat 5dimes is not recommended, because not only will that result in your black listing, but your information may be shared with other bookmakers in their liquidity network. Think of about getting banned from a night club, and then not being able to enter any other bar in the same area. Don't try to be naughty, because you'll end up being barred at a number of reputable sportsbooks.

There's nothing super special about bonuses or promos

Rebates, no deposit bonuses, live dealer promotions are all standard and available on the website. There is nothing special about them as every bookmaker, casino etc., brand out there offer them by default. Nowadays, bitcoin based deposits can get special privileges, such as reduced USD/BTC conversion rates, but this again depends on the amount being wagered. Also, read the fineprint around bonuses in their terms of service document. Winnings made on free money do not necessarily result in a payout (or at least the winning amount is not the same as standard bets on casino games), until certain conditions are met. Similarly, their Cash Back Reward has different set of rules for people not living in North America.

What is hot this year with the best live lines

Ready to bet at 5dimes? Have a look at the tournaments and matches that will garner a lot of interest from hundreds of thousands of bettors this year.

Americans and Canadians are expected to bet billions of dollars on the following events (along with their Wikipedia articles):


Rose Bowl Game
Sugar Bowl
Orange Bowl
NHL Winter Classic
Citrus Bowl
Outback Bowl
CFP National Championship
Australian Open
NHL All Star Weekend
NFL Pro Bowl


Super Bowl LIV
NHL Stadium Series
Daytona 500
Pennzoil 400


Auto Club 400
TicketGuardian 500
BNP Paribas Open
ACC Men's Basketball Tournament
Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament
BIG EAST Men's Basketball Tournament
Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament
Pac-12 Men's Basketball Tournament
SEC Men's Basketball Tournament
NCAA Wrestling Championships
NCAA Tournament - 1st & 2nd Rounds (It's also called the famous March Madness)
MLB Schedule
NCAA Tournament - Regionals
O'Reilly Auto Parts 500


Women's Final Four
Food City 500
Masters Tournament
NCAA Frozen Four
Toyota Owners 400
NFL Draft


Kentucky Derby
2020 NASCAR Cup Series Night Race
PGA Championship
NCAA Lacrosse Championships
Indy 500
French Open also called Roland-Garros
Women's CWS
Kansas Spring Night Race


FireKeepers Casino 400
NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
College World Series
120th U.S. Open®
Chicagoland 400
Pocono Doubleheader Weekend


Big Machine Vodka at The Brickyard 400
The Foxwoods Resort Casino 301


Consumers Energy 400
Go Bowling at The Glen
Coke Zero Sugar 400
US Open Tennis


NCAA Football
Guardian Credit Union FCS Kickoff
Camping World Kickoff
AdvoCare Texas Kickoff Game
Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games
NFL Schedule
Southern 500
Federated Auto Parts 400
Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race
2020 Ryder Cup
Laver Cup
South Point 400

October 500
NHL Schedule
Hollywood Casino 400
NBA Schedule


First Data 500
College Basketball Schedule
Champions Classic
PBR World Finals
Phoenix Fall Race
Nitto ATP Finals
Myrtle Beach Invitational
Charleston Classic
Orlando Invitational
Wooden Legacy
NIT Season Tip-Off


Pac-12 Championship
Big 12 Championship
SEC Championship
ACC Championship
Big Ten Championship

Global Sporting Events

The following are based on their overall appeal (in terms of television viewership) around the world; and 5dimes provides live in-game betting facility for all of them:

Betting on unconventional events

Then there is also non-sporting events that one can put up a stake. Say, you're into politics and want to bet your dollar on who would win the next elections?

5dimes takes such bets for sure. One can place wagers on things like stock market movements, competitive eating, and even heartwarming, family-friendly contests like Puppy Bowl.

Last bit of observations; that's if you're still shaky about 5dimes' influence

There is also this social media bug that 5dimes is undeniably not immune to. You can catch up their latest happenings on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and their news blog. They also got a Twitch channel for those who are into watching and betting on live virtual sports (stuff like madden NFL etc.) and popular action video games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, and many others).

Hmm, here's a fun fact. Did you know that their official mascot character is a goat? Yep!

And finally, I didn't want this page to act as a corny marketing campaign for them, but they're so good at what they do, that it eventually did. May be not?

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to write this; but 5dimes is also the only sportsbook on the planet, where one can bet for as little as five cents - I'm not kidding, check out their 5-cent overnight money line. So, in the end; my only recommendation would be to at least open an account there to feel the landscape, and to test out the vast number of options they provide.

After all, it's free to do so, and will give you an opportunity to verify the fidelity of claims made on this website.

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