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Been in this business years and there are two types of gamblers. Ones that frantically scour the schemy casino bonus sites for last minute sign up offers, and those who don't. CasinoMax (official website address:, with its sister or bro site Cherry Jackpot), are places focused solely on getting bonus hunters to wine and dine with them. Their whole I'm-also-an-online-casino aura exudes desperation. I'm not just eloquently critiquing them, their entire front page is about free money being happily doled out to newbies and casino-hopping degenerates.

Let's sideline their main page's lack of soothing showpiecing for a quick second; their key selling point to a slots-addicted, spin-hungry potential is 350% bonus on the first 3 deposits, each, landing all of it at a weirdly odd total of $9,750. As if it was a lucky lottery number of sorts. I don't know what gives. Anywho, their second well-wishing package would wrap a new patron with $1000 in freely available money for their outlandishly standard table games. If I weren't bored, I would write something more interesting on their audacity to use the Groundhog Day plot for their bonus offerings i.e., how original of them to do a bang-on copy-paste, to what hundreds of other casinos are already.

By the way their website has a dedicated section for coupons and even a $40 no deposit bonus. Go crazy, if this is your thing. Just make sure to read out their rules and stuff on free money.

Their besties in the industry like, Wizardofodds and Casinomeister do seem to give them 10/10. Funny, that all these places are in the Google's top 10 for "CasinoMax Review." That good-smelling grilled barbeque of CPA and revenue-share money has superhero powers, I would timidly guess.

Another hilarity is that anyone reading this page would most probably, and rightfully wonder, that I've some genre of hidden agenda against CasinoMax - I don't. It's a WYSIWYG-review on them, all unadulterated.

See, let me be a bit nicer, sweeter, calmer. Okay?

Do I trust them? Yes. Are they Legit? Yes, sure. Are they legal? Yes, if you don't mind depositing money at an offshore island-certified betting site. Having a half-naked, take-it-or-leave-it license from Curacao, gives them a lot of extra leg space to do not-so-legal things e.g., accept bettors from the US. Whatever one makes of this on-ground, in-your-face information is a totally personal matter. Would I sign up? Probably, but with a whisk of cautious feelings of may-be-not.

CasinoMax can be played in a browser, or through a downloadable software. The era of desktop-software casinos is fast dying. Not many brands want to venture into it, and my brain can't process this, considering that jokingly large amounts of money is spent on smartphone app development at top casinos. Budgeting for a desktop version for billions of PC users shouldn't require Einstein's mental muscle. At least, they have the commonly unavailable common sense, to have one.

Deposit-wise they can do cards, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. With a minimum $35 requirement to start a new account gifted with a fruit basket full of bonuses, the question of whether it-is-worth-or-not shouldn't be allowed to make it to tongue.

Withdrawals, I read on many forums, are processed, provided the KYC is sorted, and there's nothing fishy detected by their head proctors. Expect to be paid within a few hours to a few days. The barrier is their maximum limit, which is $16k per month ($4k per week). A critical mind would think; "What if I win a $250k jackpot?" One cannot in God's green earth wait multiple years to get paid. Eventual ragebetting would be a most propitious reaction to this long journey to riches, hence sealing the deal, in the black, for CasinoMax.

Realtime Gaming and Visionary iGaming (Live Casino Studio) are the two major power grids for their platform infrastructure. The games may be expectedly limited, but one should never underestimate the will of a regular gambler to see gold where every other sane person sees mud. I'd go on as far as to say that Slotland, DuckyLuck, Everygame, Wild Casino serve as more-than-respectable alternative RTG casinos, if you're into that.

Nothing adventitious was found about CasinoMax on Reddit. Most threads about them are about casino affiliates posting spam reviews. There's one thread related to the heavily cumbersome withdrawal process for large winnings. A Reddit user Legendary-Q, won $250k on slots, and was understandably frustrated, of their $4k-per-week hall pass, invoking occasional ragebet sessions on his part. For that matter, its competitors like Super Slots and don't have such tightly locked and gated rules-cum-uncertainties. Upper-limiting withdrawals is a fantastically evil tactic, to keep the money afloat on their side of the court, but at the same time, extremely unethical when a bettor's interests are macerated in this fashion. Money does always seem to win the wrestling match against moral standards. This when we know that wrestling is scripted makes it even more demoralizing.

Their Trustpilot ratings are so-so; some reviews praise them on fast withdrawals, others say, they void winnings. A lady client of theirs, from the US, even had a horrible experience. I don't know how to examine these episodes correctly; you go ahead and make up your own mind.

CasinoMax is not a genetically bad place to spin the slots, provided one's personal ambitions of large-jackpot wins, and then expecting to get paid quick, keep shaking hands with the reality.

Support's pretty much normal, as it should be. Fast enough to not let you pull all your hair out, before an impending issue is satisfactorily resolved. I would say it's upperish-OK, considering it's email, Live Chat and FAQ.

If this place is ever short of being Max at anything, I would suggest they pump it up with an added personality trait of being more malleable to the cunning-free banking needs of their big-spending and big-winning clients.

Official website address:


Christopher Meyers

I'm a Casino Dealer who also writes from time to time. Right now, I write articles for many online publications.


Affiliate Disclosure: BestSites.Bet is compensated, as an affiliate company, for sending new clients to CasinoMax.


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