BestSites.Bet Editorial Guidelines

Our mission guides the creation of each and every piece of material that is presented on our website.

We Provide Impartial Advice

Our group is not affiliated with any of the online casinos or betting services that it evaluates in any way. In the extremely unlikely event that any conflicts of interest develop, they are required to be notified right away to the editor in chief of the publication. This guarantees that our evaluations will always be written in an objective manner.

This is also true when it comes to publishing objective information for the purpose of guiding or advising others, as each person might, of course, have particular banking or gaming tastes. We want you to have information that is entirely objective so that you can make a decision that is in your best interest.

Accuracy is Guaranteed by Us

Our evaluations, strategy guidelines, and information are all supported by research that is data-driven. It is essential that our facts be correct. Any analysis must accurately reflect the most informed and objective opinion of our specialists. The core tenet of our material should be that it is driven by data and precise facts.

In order to provide a casino, game, or service recommendation to our users, it is necessary for many members of our team to participate in the process. To stay true to our purpose of putting the needs of gamers first, we must maintain a high level of precision and conduct such exhaustive research.

We Make the Information More Understandable

Here at BestSites.Bet, we offer all of our information for free and try to make it accessible in as many countries as we can. Our goal is to educate individuals all around the world who have an interest in the gaming business.

This also implies that all material must be pertinent, up to date, and intelligible in order to be valuable to each and every player in accordance with the editorial code. It is of the utmost significance that difficult information be communicated to you in a way that is beneficial to you. The content needs to be created, then it must be vetted by other people, then it must be presented in an understandable manner. Please get in touch with us if you see any material that is missing, contradictory, or otherwise unclear so that our team can give explanation on the matter.

We Do Not Keep Our Sources Secret

The material that we present at BestSites.Bet, in addition to the years of expertise and experience that our specialists has, must be drawn from data obtained from respectable locations. This may involve direct contacts, industry trade magazines, social media activity, press releases, and mainstream news outlets. On several of our sites, you'll find links that will take you to other sources so that you may check out our references. It is required that proper attribution be given for any and all information that has been taken from other locations on the internet or any other medium.

Errors Are Checked For And Fixed By Us

In spite of all the research and expertise we have, mistakes are still possible. The team has come to an agreement that any inaccuracies that are reported will be looked into and, if required, fixed. This is a requirement of our editorial code. BestSites.Bet will immediately get to work to rectify the situation in the event that any of the material we provide contains errors or if the writing looks to have some element of subjectivity. If you see an error, please let us know via email.

Page Updated: 6th Dec 2023.

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