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Things people ask about on Google

Why write a review. I can't possibly be asked to go through hundreds of bookies all around the world, just to pick a few, considering it's a subjective experience anyways.

An easy way is to just try to answer things people already Google about. I did this for a brand called, which is very famous in the United States, among sports bettors and casino players.

So here it goes:

Does MyBookie have Live Betting?

Yes, it does. This facility is available on their official website.

Is MyBookie illegal?

Except for a few states, such as Nevada, New York, and New Jersey; it is completely legal to bet at from within the United States.

Is MyBookie a legit site?

Of course. In fact, it's got one of the best bonus options, great software and highly competitive odds.

How long does MyBookie take to payout?

Depending upon the chosen payout option, it can 24 hours for Bitcoin, and 5 to 6 days for bank wire transfer and checks.

Is there an app for MyBookie?

There is no need for an Android or an iPhone app, because MyBookie can be accessed, through any smartphone that has an internet connection.

Is MyBookie legal in Texas?

Yes. Residents of Texas can bet at MyBookie's website.

Does MyBookie report to the IRS?

MyBookie does not report any player directly to the IRS, because it's located outside the US. Gaming income is taxable, therefore, must be filed.

How do I cash out on MyBookie?

According their website; anyone can cash out using e-check, wire transfer or Bitcoin. All accounts must be verified before payment can be made.

How does MyBookie payout work?

Withdrawal of winnings are processed every day. The sooner you request it, the quicker they can process it; according to their website.

What country is MyBookie in?

According to their website, is located in Netherlands Antilles.

How do you use free play on MyBookie?

After choosing your betting selections, check the "Use Free Play" box before pressing the "Place Bet" button. It can be used for straight and parlays, but not for horse racing, with a maximum winning amount of $500 US Dollars.

How old do you have to be to bet on MyBookie?

18 years, according to Rules and Regulations posted on their website.

Which is better MyBookie or Bovada?

For bonuses and customer service, stick with MyBookie, however Bovada has more options and features for deposit and withdrawal of money.

Can you parlay on MyBookie?

Yes, MyBookie supports Parlay wagers. Any bettor can spread his or her bet over multiple events to increase the payout amount, should all the bets within parlay become winners.

That's pretty much it. I will update this page with more questions and answers, as I see them on Google.

In the end, I do recommend MyBookie. Go for it.

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