BestSites.Bet Team Members

Dominique Exmann

Currently Head of Content at BestSites.Bet. Over two decades of experience in a vast amount of sectors within the Hospitality and Gaming Industries.



Claire Reid

I'm a Casino Dealer, Writer and a Musician. And guess what? I also write for BestSites.Bet on casinos and sports betting related topics.



Richard Pate

Versatile and innovative professional with extensive gaming administration experience within multiple elite international casinos.



Christopher Meyers

I'm a Casino Dealer who also writes from time to time. Right now, I write articles for many online publications.



Niels H. Schlesier

I run the operations for a Casino in Cambodia, but also write articles about the gaming industry in my spare time.



David Katz

I have experience in Casino Management and Financial Accounting, Casino Marketing, PR, Customer Care and Staff Motivation, besides dabbling into writing for Casino magazines nowadays.



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