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Most sites reviewing bet365 tend to paint a very positive picture of this company.

I mean they should. After all, it does pay good commissions to its affiliates, up to 30%.

But, how much of it is the truth, and how much just marketing gimmicks. It's hard to tell.

First, the best way - in my opinion - to search for neutral reviews of bet365 would be places like Reddit. I mean every other site, even Trustpilot can be compromised by fake inputs from non-existent, semi-botted usernames.

It's hard to bully Redditors into submission. Granted the bad, or so-so reviews about them, shouldn't be taken as a general verdict on their authenticity as a bookmaker. But, still it does splatter out, the nitty-gritty that is, for sure, quite conveniently left out by affiliate-only review sites.

The bad reviews on bet365 tend to gravitate, mostly, towards three things: delayed processing of ID documents, inability to get  the money refunded, and their strict compliance to regulatory laws; which can result in limiting of betting accounts.

I personally believe all three grievance types are well within the paradigm of, how a company with 100 million customers behaves. Most of these issues are not the result of bet365 being evil, scam or whatever words people generally use, but more to do with the lack of proper documentation, or something on customer's end not correctly patching up with bet365's rules.

For every one to two bad reviews, there are also plenty of satisfied bet365 customers, who would happily vouch for their legitimateness and professionalism.

In fact, bet365, among its many local competitors like Paddy Power, Betfair, Betfred, Unibet etc., has the least amount of bad karma encircling it. Majority of the people that have dealth with this company seem to be OK with their experience.

But, without wanting to sound as if I'm singing praises for them, let it be clear, that you as a bettor are bound to face slow response times and delayed processing of general requests, simply because of the sheer size of this massive company, and not because bet365 wants to short-change you.

I had originally thought of writing this piece with the newbie in mind, someone who wants to open a new account, but doesn't really know if to make the move. I think, it would, now be a bright idea to steer the ship towards that port.

Here are a few review-ish bits about bet365. I would want to keep it really, like really short. Because there's tons of material like this, already available on the interweb.

Founded in 2000, by a legendary female bookie, Denise Coates (who now happens to be the richest woman in the UK, also), this company has come a long way. Technically, just considering the numbers, it's the biggest bookmaker in the UK, and perhaps the world. No one knows the exact numbers, but I'll still put my money on them.

It offers everything from sports betting, casino, racing to poker. At the moment, it's also making pretty efforts to expand its presence in the continental United States (wherever it can get a license to operate legally). In the UK, it's of course regulated by the UKGC.

You can use debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, even PayPal can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Provided, your account is verified (KYC is a must), your withdrawals can be fully processed within 1 to 5 working days.

Customer support can be slow (unless you can wait on the phone), but it is available through live chat, email, phone (duh!), and one can even mail them letters (for matters of serious nature of course).

Being legal, both Google Playstore and Apple's App store have its app, ready for download. It doesn't have the best user experience, in terms of design, but it does do what it's coded to do.

A lot of times, people just open new accounts there to be able to watch live matches, since streaming is free. Their free match streaming service is also something, searched a lot on Google.

Spreads offered on live matches aren't the best, but still akin to the likes of Betfair Exchange (though BF has better odds on its exchange for sure).

Due to UKGC rules, and all, their bonus is basically, nothing. I think at best they offer something like 10, and you get 30's worth of free bets, for their UK-based clients. It's stupidly low-value money. But, I guess it has a low wagering requirement, if that even means anything for this paltry sum.

The worth of their sign up offers is much better - in terms of Dollars and Euros - in places like the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and elsewhere.

bet365, although not the best, but still is one of the biggest, if not the biggest players of the online betting industry.

Just make sure to keep all your ID docs and bank statements in order, because their compliance department can be a real pain in the rear, if you know what I'm saying.

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Claire Reid

I'm a Casino Dealer, Writer and a Musician. And guess what? I also write for BestSites.Bet on casinos and sports betting related topics.


Affiliate Disclosure: BestSites.Bet is compensated, as an affiliate company, for sending new clients to bet365.


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