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Our Solar System's 7th planet is Uranus. It's 80% ice, and aptly called the ice giant, along with its neighbour Neptune. Funnily enough, it's not just Uranus, but also Planet 7 Casino (spot the pun) that has chillingly bad reviews - however small and portable their number may be - glaring at your eyes on websites like TrustPilot and Reddit.

I'll come to why this brand's mysterious, yet commercially sustainable public image brings about the bitter taste of broccoli in your mouth; a bit later. First let me do the nicer bits, so this piece looks and acts proper and ekes out a vibe of legitness.

No one really knows who runs this place. Their clandestine approach has a reason to its madness. The fact that they're illegal in the US, have no license, from any jurisdiction, still have the unmuzzled audacity to openly accept American gamblers, makes absolute sense to keep themselves securely locked inside an anonymity chamber, that no man can break into. They don't - no one does - want the always-looking-for-ways-to-pin-you US law enforcement frantically chasing them down, The Departed-style. Would you?

It did open its eyes to the world back in 2008, but then went totally dead; like off-the-grid situation, only to come back from the fringes around 2016. It's when it really got its massive online branding boost, most probably driven by commission-hungry gambling affiliates. Being alive and doing well so far, Planet 7 casino is definitely not going anywhere, not anytime soon at least. Whether it can be fully trusted as a reliable gambling site is unequivocally arguable, however there's one gospel truth to their story: it's not a fly-by-night scam operation.

So what went wrong? Why are they treated like dirt on the internet? Any guesses? I can't say. Perhaps, it would be better, if I dissected a selected group of negative reviews about them, studied their anatomy and then released my take out in the open.

Let me have a go at it...

This Reddit thread cautions everyone against Planet 7, the OP is seemingly saddened, yet uploaded an incomplete cut-through-the-middle image of an email (that's the best guess I could make of it) wanting a withdrawal of $1.1k. It doesn't, however, provide any information on; if his withdrawal was approved for disbursement, or rejected for what reason. The corresponding responses he gets from Redditors also don't make sense; most just argue among each other about Twitch slot streamers cheating their followers in connivance with the popular online casino sites; something totally unrelated to the original review. Others just point out that somehow offshore gambling sites like Stake and Ignition Casino are better. I mean, what can I make of it. This whole thread was semi-legit to begin with. I can't possibly take Planet 7 to people's court, on a half-legible jibe.

Then in this Reddit thread; the OP plastered his review - was more like a rant - about how he had always been a no deposit bonus hunter (kudos for confessing); and then suddenly one day got an epiphany to actually deposit $100 - finally..! thank you for your godly kindness your holiness - at Planet7. Then somehow he pushed up his balance to $870, requested a withdrawal, but was 2000% hesitant to comply with the KYC requirements. Following this ordeal of law-abidance, he *apparently* (we're forced to take his word for it) got himself banned from their platform. Frankly speaking, this is not the first time, I have heard this story. Every bonus-abusing freeloader has a near identical excuse. These are the kind that always search for no deposit, free money plays and if by any chance do put up a buck or two, and win some, will bring heaven down to earth, if they also have to follow the same rules set out for real gentlemen, spending proper money. My further investigation led me to find out that this very same person posted the same review, multiple times using an online rewriting tool and different usernames, at all the popular casino review sites. Sorry, no sympathies for a scam player, at least not from me.

For their reviews on TrustPilot, which granted has a low rating, but remember for an online casino that has served 100s of thousands of bettors for years. How often have you had a great user experience and actively posted about it on the internet? Let's be honest. Happens but rarely. The cold-blooded truth of the matter is that only those people who have been scammed or hustled tend to report it. Ok, keep even this on the side, for a minute. Go ahead and read all the negative reviews. Absolutely, all of them relate to $10 to $100 depositors, who were denied winnings on bonus wins. Nearly every case would lead back to them not complying or breaking some RTG gaming rule, that Planet 7 is unable to help with, on pure technical grounds. For example, this reviewer claims to have deposited thousands of dollars (highly doubt it), but his only beef with them is a trivial $100 cashback bonus (that of course comes with its minimum wagering requirement) that ended up him winning $2.2K, and for which he only got $200. Come on it's free money. What do you expect? And Planet7 uses Realtime Gaming company as its main software provider. They have literally ZERO control over who wins and how much. If there's a chance of rigging, it would come from RTG, not them. Talk about being both unfair and stupid.

I'm sure, now you would have gotten a fair bit of idea as to why Planet 7's negative reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, and that too iodized.

I want to do a bit of basics before wrapping it up. This piece has already checked all the boxes on its charm offensive.

They're located in Costa Rica, hold no valid license in any country, other than perhaps - I would imagine - a business registration document. This makes them 100% offshore, scot-free from all social challenges and moral responsibilities. And this mysterious no-one-knows-who-I-am status gives them the freedom to accept players from nearly all major countries of the world. People from places like the US (except for NY, Kentucky, Maryland), the UK and the Netherlands can sign up here too. No worries.

Its sister, bro or cousin sites (colorful words) include names like Silver Oak Casino, Captain Jack Casino, Raging Bull Casino, Crypto Loko, Slots Garden, Slot Madness and Royal Ace Casino. Not one of them has anything unique to offer, other than a different website design and structure. It's a common practice for offshore gambling companies to setup multiple sites, so that if one gets banned by a particular country, the other is ready to take its place, plus, it gives an additional incentive to their marketing affiliates to push their brands harder to restrictive territories. Let's just say, having more than one site gives them a lot of room for sneaky operational experimentation - nice way to put it - inside highly reguated regions.

Cards (Visa, Mastercard), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin), e-wallets (Neteller, Changelly) and bank transfers are accepted, as banking methods. Minimum deposit is $30. One of their real actionable downside is their upper withdrawal limit, which is currently at $10k per month, and $2.5k per week. Means any jackpot win, and you're bound to wait a while, provided you do get a green signal from them for a payout.

Support is provided through Live Chat and email and in English only. The quality of their responses are usually very sprightly when it comes to new deposits, but dumbs down, rather drastically, when account maintenance issues require their attention. I would give them 3 out of 5 stars on client support. It's not terrible but also not that great.

Coming to bonuses, use WELCOME200 to get 200% deposit bonus, or if you don't have any money to spend, and want to do the free play thing, use MY25FREE as a no deposit bonus code. This is where Planet7 gets its edge from. The freeloading hippies are what makes up the majority of their players; people who will never do the right thing, and just keep coming back to it, creating different email IDs and fake home addresses to repeatedly enjoy free RTG slot gaming. I would bet top dollar that more than 90% of their active players at any given moment are no deposit freechip bonus eaters. If you're a serious gambler with a fat wallet, there's no harm in checking out their VIP program. Now that's where things will get interesting for you in terms of real authentic cashback bonuses, fast withdrawals, expensive gifts and trips. All the goodies of life, basically.

RTG, the name behind Builder Beaver and Caesars Empire, among many others, power up their platform. That's just about it, but don't be sad. Realtime Gaming is one of the best in the business. You wouldn't be upset, once you get a hang of it.

Planet 7 can and does serve a very specific niche. I would say, people that want the complete freedom - without getting busted by the cops - to say "Whateva Whateva I Do What I Want!" to their local legal gambling scene. It's for those who want more anonymity, less betting restrictions, no-questions-asked type of betting sites. Why don't you find out what they're really like. Go ahead and test them out; make use of their no deposit free chip offer. At least you wouldn't be the first in the line, and will be in the company of plenty of similar-minded folks.

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Christopher Meyers

I'm a Casino Dealer who also writes from time to time. Right now, I write articles for many online publications.


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