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Offshore Betting Sites

First off, if you unexpectedly reached this page by mistake, and really just wanted to open an account at an offshore sportsbook, I can safely recommend this betting site. Mind you, offshore gambling sites are illegal in the US. That's the technical detail, you must know.

Until the May of 2018, sports betting was pretty much banned in every US State.

Things have changed now. Rather drastically.

Online gambling is expected to be legal in every US State (be gone Nevada) soon. Ok, sure thing. What of it?

Well, before it went all cozy for Americans, they had very few choices. They had to open accounts at offshore sites like BetOnline,, etc. Now, since all that has changed, where do these sites go? Or, is it over for them?

I have a different way of thinking over this. I don't think they'll go anywhere, even if sites like FanDuel and DraftKings were to become the staple of online sports betting in America - in many ways they are already.

One of the most important things to consider here is regulation. Yes, just like the UK, or France, eventually, depending upon the overall damage caused to the society, tougher rules and sanctions are going to come into play.

Freedom is something every human yearns for. You take that away, and you have just created an idea, a movement that doesn't die out easily. Case in point, FanDuel is regulated, soon there would be something called "betting limits," and then a ban on credit cards for deposits (like it's currently happening in the UK).

If you limit professional bettors to $500, they'll will look for illegal offshore places to bet, that don't have such compulsions.

This is the niche online gambling market, that may never die out. The owners of BetOnline and Bovada, know this well. Which is why, for the long run, they aren't bothered.

Then there's the issue of money movement. It's easier to use crypto, for example, to transport hundreds of thousands of dollars for sophisticated betting syndicates. Most legal betting sites in the US, wouldn't even allow such activities, without doing due-diligence going back like two generations.

So, we have looked at betting limits and worry-free deposit methods, so far, that makes offshore gambling sites, still worth it. Of course, there's more.

The liability. Yup, who's on the other side of the bet. Making medium-to-large sized bets requires a bookie to take extraordinary risks. The quarterly profits are at stake. Giving up millions of dollars worth of lost positions over to your clients, is not something encouraged in the boardrooms.

You see offshore betting sites don't have this problem. They'll either openly cheat and steal your deposit or winnings; or stick up to their word, and rapidly pay out your due share, whether it be $100 or a $100,000 jackpot. For example, BetOnline's word is its bond. (I stole that line from Jesse Pinkman, but you get the point).

Now we have three things (I can think of many more): gambling limits, deposit methods, and the ability to take large losses in order to pay your clients; that makes these offshore places worth every penny.

Personally, the way I see it, any more-than-your-average American gambler, should at least hold one account at an offshore betting site, for serious stuff. For everything below $1k, say $200-to-$500 deposits, I would still give FanDuel or DraftKings a chance.

Such sites mostly have a domain name extension ending with an .AG, .EU, .LV and they always work in the US and Canada. There can be issues accessing them from other countries - use a VPN or something if that happens.

Trusted Betting sites that currently use an Offshore Domain Betting extension are BetOnline;;;; and These names are as reliable as they can get; I mean that's just about what I can say about them, without tooting the horns too hard. There's also, and few others like etc.

Anywho, my job here is done. Bye.


Claire Reid

I'm a Casino Dealer, Writer and a Musician. And guess what? I also write for BestSites.Bet on AG domain casinos login account and sports betting related topics.


Affiliate Disclosure: BestSites.Bet is compensated, as an affiliate company, for sending new clients to sites mentioned on this page.


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