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Caesars Sportsbook and Casino

"Did Caesar live here?" I still laugh, whenever this hilarious scene comes into my mind. YouTube it. You'll absolutely go nuts laughing. It's a memorable line, by one of the lead but eccentric characters, Alan Garner, from the first installment of The Hangover, a crazy funny buddy-movie. Caesars Entertainment has been around since the early 70s, starting as Eldorado Hotel in Reno. Literally, this company along with its early-day peers can be surely considered the Gods of commercial gambling entertainment. It has had a leading role in building the Sin City from ground up to where it stands today.

Caesars doesn't need any introduction, or savvy lines of script to showboat its casino management prowess. Every kid in America knows who they are and what they do.

Available legally and fully licensed in multiple - and the number is laddering up - US States, they already enjoy the company of tens of thousands of retail and professional bettors. The primary gameplay platform is their app, which is so well-done in a manner, that makes it feasible for use, even for those, who hardly ever use computers. Go ahead and download it on your smartphone.

Being a solidly vetted brand name in America, their deposit banking methods are localized, for each licensed US state. You can pump their coffers through PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit and Debit Cards, or simply drive out to their local betting shop and drop hard cash on your favorite NFL game, which they also officially sponsor. The NBA, CBS Sports, NHL and the ESPN are its partners too.

They offer a $100 bonus bet as their top sign-up offer promotion. All the bet volumes made by their clients are connected to the Caesars Rewards system too. Might as well get in touch with their support for further clarifications.

Speaking of sports, all American sports are offered on its platform. The odds aren't bewitching but in-play betting options more than makes up for the expected shortfall in expectations. Their live casino needs no sugar-coating. They've been doing blackjack, roulette, slot machines for decades. You've seen them in movies and you may have seen it all in Vegas. Trying to strugglingly coax you to believe in Caesars' ability to run a casino, would frankly be calumniating to this cultural icon. It's starkly extraneous.

All account setups require KYC procedures to be submissively completed, for safety. Withdrawals - effectively speaking - can chalk up to 5 working days. But, you do get paid, unless they find a fault in your stars.

FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet and BetMGM can and do, give them competitional nightmares. Not to mention, the long-standing, never-budging-an-inch offshore illegal gambling sites, that wouldn't waste a second, stomping Caesars under their feet. Such sites aggressively vie on them making smart use of big heavy bonuses, a more diverse availability of casino games, and immeasurable betting limits for sharps with God-like money. For example, Caesars offers cashback bonus on your first-lost bet for up to $1,000, and it's undoubtedly not distinctive in the business.

Reddit does hate this place. I must be clear as a fresh water stream on that. All the stories have matching themes. It's a mix of Redditors complaining about botched bonus deals, an occasionally crashing betting app, rejected withdrawals on poor grounds, and plain bad boosts. There're one to two users always taking Caesars's side, in every negative thread, however, with claims of "I'm up $30k without problems," and "Same here up $20k." For a man, who can't make up his mind, visiting Reddit for reviews on Caesars Sportsbook would definitely make them look like Dr. Evil.

Caesars Sportsbook, if nothing else, does lay out the red carpet for Americans wanting only legal betting sites. The ones, that don't have any qualms about the kind of statutory paper, a place holds, would perhaps, happily go for offshore options. For the rest, Caesars Sportsbook's name should incontrovertibly make it to final 3.

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Claire Reid

I'm a Casino Dealer, Writer and a Musician. And guess what? I also write for BestSites.Bet on casinos and sports betting related topics.


Affiliate Disclosure: BestSites.Bet is compensated, as an affiliate company, for sending new clients to Caesars Sportsbook.


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