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Ten responsive tables and 30-odd headings on how to sign up, bonus promos, support, deposits, withdrawals, ending with a jury-styled verdict. And oh, made-up, or paid-for use of the social assets of a semi-famous sports writer. This is your blueprint for writing 99.99% of the reviews on sports betting sites. Now one-upping it, hop on to Bard or ChatGPT and let it rip. It will spew one out faster than your mouse's next click.

Nothing not-already-known can be said about FanDuel. What can I? It's a fully licensed fantasy sports site that also does online sports betting. A safe and legit American household name. There.

Let's start this piece a bit differently then. It's something I must get off my chest. The US Department of Justice should play fair. Or at least give FanDuel's illegitimate cousins, say Bovada and BetOnline, a chance to reform. Denying them the right to make it right isn't going to end the problem of illegal gambling in the US. It wouldn't surprise me either, if FanDuel and its brothers from Hispanic mothers, weren't head-to-head in net new monthly sign ups. Or may be I have a very little idea of what I'm on about; and it's legally complicated. May be, can't tell.

Don't want to steer my opinion to an exit road to nowhereland. I'd had planned to write about its superman-like idiosyncrasies. That's what I'm being paid to do. So, let's just stick to my rant-cum-review on FanDuel. Not going to make them look GOAT, though.

Let's give it an arbitrary number rating. 4.65, hmm, nah, how about 4.82, or should it be 3.92, deserves a 2.90 or if I'm being paid good, a 4.34. Not being funny. This is how these numbers are awarded by suavely SEOed sports betting review sites. And Google seems to pick on it.

It's the users that count. Doesn't matter what badge of honor it shows off, or how a nobody like me ranks them. Let's take Reddit, for example. The review threads on them is a mix bag. Good and bad ones. The not-so-good-ones are about technical glitches and site crashes during peak sporting events, locked-out accounts, over-betting bans, and a congenial inability to exploit bonuses to the fullest. Great ones about them being the most generous legal sportsbook in America on Parlayed bets. One example being a 6-legged Parlay would payout $1200 at its competitor, DraftKings, but $6k at FanDuel. And they keep showering regular bettors with $50 bonuses on sports and $10 on casinos. TrustPilot ratings have been real bad for their image. Extremely low ratings there, with many complaining about winnings on bonus bets not being paid, delayed balance-show for deposits, and non-existent customer support. FanDuel also seems, for God-knows-what reason, consciously oblivious about its face looking ugly on TrustPilot.

Whatever one says, it's the largest legal sportsbook in America. All because of two things: repeated free bets and bonuses. A mere $10 required to create a new FanDuel login account triggers a chain of never-ending freebies. This in turn gives their brand a viral boost. Like an episode of the South Park, people would even show up for a free hat. One cannot possibly expect bettors not to use free money.

Being legal, apps for both iOS and Android are available. Majority use them by default. And it's fairly easy to use with a tasteful user interface . Deposits can be made using credit cards, PayPal, echecks and bank transfers with a minimum $5, and a maximum $25k snag.

Once an account's ID clearance is done, all approved withdrawals can be processed anywhere from two to ten days. No chance of a scam here. It being 100% legal, you will get paid. Writing further about this done-thing would be wasting time.

Customer support "can be" slow. You can call them, but it's mostly for voicemail. Best to send an email their way, or talk to them through a Live Chat session. Their staff does try its best to display - no matter how benign the issue - a professional attitude. Their will to resolve a valid solvable-problem can't be dismissed.

FanDuel's parent company, Flutter Entertainment, does billions in revenue every year. It even trades on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol FLTR. Keeping the illegal gambling brands aside, even the legal ones like DraftKings, BetMGM, Pointsbet, and Caesars find it hard to stand against this goliath. Any unwarranted angst against FanDuel should thus stand countermanded.

FanDuel is like a 40-something, highly educated man, working as the President of a major Investment bank. Everything about it exudes confidence, financial stability, leadership skills and a well-settled future, possibly lasting decades.

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Claire Reid

I'm a Casino Dealer, Writer and a Musician. And guess what? I also write for BestSites.Bet on casinos and sports betting related topics.


Affiliate Disclosure: BestSites.Bet is compensated, as an affiliate company, for sending new clients to FanDuel.


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