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A message from our CEO, Selena Rodriguez

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BestSites.Bet has been in operation for many years and currently has thousands of satisfied customers referred to dozens of online betting brands around the world. Our core focus is however the United States and Canada. But, we also have many clients from Europe and Australia.

Our services include creating new betting accounts for our clients on legit, authentic, gambling sites and apps and also inform our customers about the latest welcome bonus codes and offers by these brands.

The betting sites listed by BestSites.Bet are 100% legit. Most of them, if not all have tier-1 licenses from top jurisdictions. We also adhere to strict Editorial Guidelines for all the written content posted on this website, and other internet properties, we might be connected with.

We also list and recommend offshore betting sites that been in operation for more than two decades.

We aren't paid any commission for most brands - let that be crystal clear. I think only one or two betting sites pay us for people that click through this page. So, I like said, before, we want to be honest about things; so it's out there for you to know.

Wherever feasible, every effort is taken to keep all reviews on this website unbiased, even the ones that are paid-for and fully sponsored. Please be advised, that under the ethical performance marketing guidelines; we mention, clearly and precisely when a review or an article is an Advertisement.

BestSites.Bet is unable to validate the accuracy of data published directly by brands on their own websites.

All loss-related complaints originating from online gambling must be addressed between the individual and the betting site where the account was established.

At the moment, we're a small team of 10 people. The average age of our growing staff members is 28 years only. So, we're young and eager to learn!

If you feel like getting in touch with our Team members, please do so!

We would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

Selena Rodriguez
BestSites.Bet CEO


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