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Ok, I genuinely thought this would be the easy one. Like a half-decent brand that works. Yes, sure with its episodic quirks. "Oh they did not give me the bonus;" "why wasn't my account verified? I'm miffed;" stuff like that, but them to make up nearly 80% of its reviews, calls for applying the breaks, and putting one's head out of the car window for some fresh air and perspective. I'm, of course talking about the 2009-founded Mostbet, an apparently Nicosia-located, Curacao-licensed betting company operating under the name, Bizbon N.V. - for now that is. Mostbet, from the looks of it, and from how a particular betting network acts, especially when it comes to advertising, does make me believe, it goes back to some city in Russia. A website traffic analytics company, Semrush's domain overview data shows it having around 50% of its users from Bangladesh, followed by 30-odd percent from India. It seems Mostbet plans on cornering the best of low-value, high volume betting markets of these rapidly growing, I-got-money-in-my-pocket South Asian economies. Russian outfits like 1XBet, Melbet and Ukrainian Parimatch play the same game. Everyone wants a piece of the action from the cricket-fanatic Indians, and the fruity Bangladeshi betting-loving populace.

The tragic part is that I absolutely love Mostbet's website design; it's how I would also structure it, if I were to open a bookmaking business - like that's ever going to happen. Anywho, it's very well-made, if I'm being honest. The fonts are the perfect size, the graphics are categorically original, and it's got a professionally thought-out bonus section. Did I mention the light shades of blue, mixed with bright orange, does make a user want to sign up. If I was none the wiser, I would immediately deposit. But, after reading its reviews on TrustPilot, I'm not sure, if I would. Reddit, thankfully, for unknown reasons, remains relatively calm on Mostbet's public image.

TrustPilot has more than 1700 user reviews; unfortunately has their TrustScore - their grading system from 1 to 5 - disabled; because Mostbet's staff were caught posting fake 5-star reviews of their own company. Almost all complaints go back to missing deposits, suspended accounts even after winning a small amount and funds withdrawal rejections on flimsy grounds. Just an overall grade-A horror show. A normal person would just mark Mostbet as a scam betting site and move on. But I wouldn't. Why? Because all these problems are 100% solvable. For example, if it's a liquidity issue Mostbet is facing, they just need to find new investors - which they will aplenty, as no one wants to miss out on an investment opportunity in the bellicosely growing Indian gaming market - and start paying out genuine winners, fair and square. The honesty model works very well. The massive growth of the UK-based bet365 and even offshore casino sites like BetOnline provide an ample evidence of success. If it's the human resource, well, just hire more capable staff, and in large numbers. It's literally not rocket science. Mostbet can surely recover from the travesty it's become on TrustPilot; only if its ownership wants to change for the better, and not be looked at with suspicious eyes.

In complete contrast, a lot of casino review sites, do rate Mostbet, rather highly. For example, has put it behind the line of highly safe betting sites, that can be trusted blindly. Another one called gives it a combined condensed rating of 7.8, categorizes it as fairly reliable in terms of solid customer support. Well, needless to say, they're affiliates, being paid thousands of dollars for deodorizing questionable gambling sites. I don't blame them. Why should I? when I'm fully guilty of the same, and part of the same fraternal crowd.

Which is why I will also push Mostbet as a perfect place to bet online. I will also swear on their honesty of paying their winning bettors on time, every time, without delay. I'm being paid to keep my mouth shut. I wish I could say all of this, but I'm not that person. Sorry. I can't stand here watch the normal day-to-day one-off simpleton bettors in Bangladesh and India, get their heads chopped off like they were helpless chickens trapped in a barbwire-covered coop. But, then this website also needs to pay its bills, so my hands are tied, and my pupils shielded with a blindfold.

Over 28 deposit and withdrawal methods are available at Mostbet. Choose to pay through cards, e-wallets or cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is 150 INR / 300 BDT / 1 USD. Theoretically, their daily withdrawal limit is $5k, weekly $15k and monthly $50k, but for all practical purposes, I don't believe most of their clients would be able to withdraw a won-amount greater than $500. Not unless, someone is a really big whale, or may be has some close friend in their finance department, that's permitted to approve payouts.

Smartphone apps for both Android and Apple App store are available for Mostbet. And it seems to compete with 1XBet - they could both be sister sites, it's logistically hard to confirm though - in terms of installations and mass appeal. The functionality of Mosbet's app is definitely better than a lot of other sites, I have tested. You see this is what pisses me off. They've got everything technology-and-money-wise sorted out to be the good guys, but somehow they've chosen the Seth Lord's dark side.

Talking about technology, they've got partnerships with over 159 igaming providers. All big names in the industry - Stockholm-located NetEnt with the popular Mega Fortune game, UK-based Blueprint Gaming with its Buffalo Rising Megaways slot, or Sliema-headquartered Pragmatic Play's Gates of Olympus, among a number of others - work with Mostbet. This wide selection of igaming partnerships spanning the globe is indeed very impressive. Play slots, blackjack or live casino. Even Spribe's Aviator game, an extremely popular gambling game in places like India, is present. There's not one big-time igaming company that doesn't have a strong business relationship with Mostbet. That's its major strength as a gambling site.

Their support staff wants to help out and is available through email and live chat. The availability of up to 26 languages, proves that they are a rather significant operation, that employs people from all major countries of the world. I did test out their live chat, the responses were quick and easy to understand for matters pertaining to new accounts. As soon as I switched the topic to withdrawals, the reply-back times kept increasing, with the operator eventually abandoning the chat. So, there you have it people. You know who you're dealing with.

Bettors in India and Bangladesh, love free money. So they - like many others - have a progressive system of bonuses. For India, it's up to 125% or Rs. 34k, and for Bangladesh, the number hovers at 25000 BDT + 250 free spins on slots. For other countries, say Pakistan, it's up to Rs. 50k. Visit their official website to cross-check the exact amounts, as they keep changing frequently like the seasons. The wagering requirements are also not clear anywhere on their site, which makes this brand look even more fishy than it already is. It's somewhere between 3X to 5X the bonus money; don't ask me how hard I had to dig for this information.

Mostbet, ostensibly, has one of the most professional websites out there. But, whatever follows afterwards, would put off even the shrewdest of bonus hunters. If you do plan on opening up a new account there, just be careful and also well-aware of what to expect. If nothing else, Mostbet does provide an excellent platform to play games created by nearly all igaming providers in existence. This benefit in itself is matchless, for casual bettors, who take - and should - gambling non-seriously; either don't bet big (going crazy and all), or punt a dollar or two on a special sporting event, say a widely watched cricket match.

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Claire Reid

I'm a Casino Dealer, Writer and a Musician. And guess what? I also write for BestSites.Bet on casinos and sports betting related topics.


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