Review: Is Bovada app and site legit and safe for betting?

If you're a newbie to the world of online betting and also live in the US; then let me introduce you to Bovada. Because you'll hear about it a lot.

There are tons of questions asked about them on Google. I'll quickly try to answer a few.

What is Bovada betting app or website?

It's an offshore sports betting and casino operating out of Costa Rica. It has other brand names such as Bodog and Ignition Casino. The core gourp of people behind them started their operations in early 2000s, and along the way made a lot of changes to the official website names.

Since December 14, 2011; this brand can be accessed by visiting its official domain name Their mobile betting app can be downloaded directly from their website here. And, yes, Bovada not having an app is not true. For example, you can play poker on your iPhone easily.

Bovada (sometimes misspelled as bobada) offers betting on sports, poker, horse racing, and popular casino table games, such as blackjack, roulette etc.

What kind of sports can I wager on at Bovada?

If it's popular in the US; Bovada will almost always offer odds for it - which are one of the best in the business, by the way. But, I'll say it, for the sake of making things easier. You can bet on football, baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, horse racing, martial arts and MMA, soccer, tennis; even politics and social events.

Does Bovada accept players from all US States?

Except for DE, NV, MD, NJ, and NY; residents of all states are welcome to open an account. Yes, even Californians are accepted as clients.

Bovada is located outside the United States. Can I really trust them with my funds?

If you visit online betting forums and reddit, you'd notice that they are actually among the top 3 (if not the top) sports betting and casino operators for Americans. With millions of active players, your funds are safe and secure.

How do I get started at Bovada?

It is quite easy to use Bovada. Simply visit and click the JOIN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT button. Then supply information such as name, address and phone number to create an account. Additional stuff such as a scan of your driver's license and a utility bill (phone, electricity etc.) may be required. Give them this, if they ask for it.

How much money do I need to deposit to create a new account at Bovada?

$20 US Dollars, or currency equivalent in Bitcoin. Yes, you don't need to be a millionaire to do this.

Will Bovada report me to the Taxman?

You kidding? Of course not. But, Uncle Sam might come for you if you don't report your earnings brought into the mainland US. Yup, death and taxes will never leave you alone.

Bovada keeps asking for my SSN. What is the deal there?

Yea, it's a pain and you have the right to be suspicious. But it's one of the ways they can lower the credit card fraud or other scam schemes that a "few" people try to run on them. I wouldn't worry about it though. Most folks playing there have to do this, especially, if they are betting large sums.

Are Bovada casino games like slots, poker, blackjack and roulette tampered?

There are few posts on the internet, I think Reddit, where a few players complain about their casino games being compromised, or rigged. I don't believe so. If it were on scale, then they'd be out of business pretty soon. There are plenty of examples of people winning $100k plus playing poker. I would personally ignore that noise.

Best way is to test it out yourself. No one is asking you to risk your life savings on them. Start slow and small, and then build on your own experience.

Will Bovada actually pay out my winnings? I read some horror stories about them on the internet

My saying here that they do pay out every penny wouldn't really make a difference. Why don't you test them out yourself, to see if what I have written here, is the truth.

It's not hard to withdraw funds from Bovada, if everything is in order and there is no hanky-panky on your part. In fact it never was.

Is there an upper limit to how much I can win at Bovada?

Theoretically no. But, they will let you know, if they can't handle the other side of the bet. This can happen in cases where the amounts, wagered or won, are in multiples of 6 or 7 figures. For the most part, it isn't an issue.

How do I withdraw my funds from Bovada?

We always recommend using Bitcoin for offshore sportsbooks and casinos. This one is no different. But, they offer withdrawals through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, courier check, and wire transfer. For smaller amounts like $100 or above, use BTC or check. Wire transfers to bank (not advised) are available, but the minimum is $1500.

All banks in America can process checks issued by Bovada, and no it is not illegal to cash their checks. It can take 5 to 7 business days for them to clear through the banking channels.

What about prepaid cards. Would they work at Bovada?

Since Bovada's card processing is done outside of the US; make sure your prepaid card can be used internationally. Then there shouldn't be any problems.

How do I deposit funds at Bovada?

Piece of cake. There should be a link to the deposit or the banking section on the platform. It's pretty easy to spot. Click on it, and it should direct you to the correct area. You can credit your account using credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, checks and wire transfers. And yes, Mastercard is supported.

Regarding PayPal, it's a bit tricky. It can be an on and off situation. If the banking side of their operation is working in full swing, then PayPal is almost always accepted. Also, there are other ways to pay through PP. One can fund a Bitcoin wallet through PayPal, and then deposit the funds into Bovada's account.

Deposits through cards can fail, if your bank has restrictions on international transactions. This happens mostly with debit cards that may need to be enabled for foreign use. A credit card usually does not create such problems.

Who is running Bovada's operations?

Mohawk Morris Gaming Group currently owns its majority shares, however this brand and Bodog was originally started by a party-loving Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur, Calvin Ayre. He now spearheads; a popular news site covering the global gambling industry.

What is this Voucher thing at Bovada? I want to transfer money to another player

You can transfer funds to other Bovada users through the use of vouchers. This can be done right on the platform. Simply choose an amount you want to create a voucher for, then the system would create a code for it. You can then share this code with the person you want to move the funds to. He or she can then cash it out in their own account.

It is also called selling a voucher and is allowed by Bovada.

How I can contact Bovada?

Email, or best yet, visit their website and open up a live chat with one of their reps. Support is also provided through phone.

I want to hold more than one account. Also is it possible to delete my Bovada account?

It's against Bovada's policies to hold more than one account, per person. They will close your entire account; if they find out that you do have more than one account with them. Keep it to one account only. If you need to make any specific changes (name, address, phone), or even delete an account, just open a chat sesion with one of their support reps, and someone will gladly complete the task for you.

Sometimes, problem gamblers may need to self-exclude, and temporarily disable their account. It can be reactivated by contacting Bovada's dedidcated support helpline.

I cannot log into my Bovada account anymore. I think it may be disabled. What happened?

If you are sure that you're using the correct email and password, and it's still not letting you in, just contact their support rep. It could be an administrative issue on their side. Best not to panic, if you haven't broken any rules. And even if you have (unintentionally), just be honest about it, and they will re-enable your account access.

I want to Parlay on Bovada mobile app. How is that done?

Choose between 2 to 12 lines using bet slips on the mobile app, and then hit the parlay button. The system should then calculate the potential payouts. The cash out features work as standard here.

One can even create multiple parlay bets using Bovada's betting platform. It is also known as Round Robin wagers.

Please note that not all bets are available under parlay. Such lines, also called singles only bets, are indicated by an icon that prohibits combining them with others.

Is betting on Bovada mobile app difficult?

No. In fact, it's very easy. All you have to do is to select the lines, check the odds and hit the bet slip to activate the wager. Please download their app and get a hang of it. You'll quickly figure everything out.

I cannot make up my mind between and Which one should I go for?

Both are good. Both offer great lines and odds. I would suggest you open account at both places. This would then provide you with a wider scope of betting options, and spread the risk over more than one bookie.

If you really really wanna know, Bovada is just slightly better at poker and casino offerings, while BetOnline ekes out an advantage for sports.

Right. All the stuff above should answer most of your queries, or apprehensions and other dramas. I'd say take a jump.

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